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Everyone wants to be more secure at home but no one wants to live in a fortress. And that is the beauty of our residential door system.

It means that the door frame has the strength and reliability you need to keep your home safe. But because the system is fitted to all of our wide range of stylish high performance residential doors, you can choose security without compromising on the great looks of the door.

A basic PVC-U door may look solid - but it will provide a very low standard of security, especially if it is only fitted with cam locking devices. These just won't stand up to a thief with a jemmy.

In tests, doors with simple cam locking mechanisms were forced open in ten seconds or less. So it is imperative that you think carefully about your choice of door.

As with the window styles there are many different styles of doors to choose from and they can be chosen to complement the style of your home. All of which can be fitted using a combination of glass, moulded panels and integrated frame section. Most PVCu single doors are fitted using moulded panels. However, we are finding that cruciform doors and half cruciform doors are becoming more popular. These doors can also be glazed with a vast number of leaded or decorative glass designs which are available.

The most popular design of door for a patio is a French door. A French door has many advantages, it can be used as a single door for easy access and when both doors are open provide easy access for furniture. Outward opening doors is a popular choice so there is no detriment to the floor space of the room when the doors are open We install all our French doors with handles on both doors for ease of use, all are fitted with heavy duty adjustable flag hinges and high security locking.

Available in a huge variety of styles, colour options and woodgrain finishes, we have an entrance door to suit your home.
PVC-u doors offer high levels of security and exceptional protection against the elements, with air-tight seals to keep out any drafts. What’s more, minimal maintenance is required to retain your door’s appearance and performance.


Basically porches are small conservatories, with the same range of styles and products available. And just as our conservatories all our porches are made to measure so you can create the style that is suitable for you home.


Porch roofs can be a conventional timber / felt construction, a pitched tiled roof, or our full range of conservatory roofs systems are available to create cost effective attractive designs. The full range of conservatory roof glazing is also available to create the right feel to the porch. GRP Flexi-Porch roofs make an attractive porch and are a design that is quite unique and rare.


A full range of doors is also available for the entrance to the porch. While the most popular is a single door, French doors are an effective way of making a feature of the entrance to you home; they can also be fitted with full moulded panels to create the look of a timber double entrance door.


While a porch is not a room which you will be spending long periods of time in a south facing porch will get hot so it is advisable to put in some form of ventilation.


Porches are an ideal way to make a feature out of the entrance to you home. Our full range of decorative glass is available to complement your design and add your own touch of flare. Decorative bevelled cut glass is a particularly attractive feature. Toughened safety glass is installed to building regulations. Pilkington “K” glass, Pilkington Active glass and Lifestyles glazing upgrades can all be fitted into a porch design.


The base of a porch is as varied as a conservatory base. You may want a small wall at the base of your porch or possibly a full height wall at one or both sides to give a permanent wall to hang coats against. Alternatively a fully glazed design to let more light in may be more to your liking and we can also use moulded panels to create a low level feature.

Finishing touches:

Floor tiles, plastered internal walls, electric’s are all finishing touches that we offer. Why not ask for a broken down quotation so you can see different options available and different prices.

Planning Permission:

Porches can be constructed up to three square meters on the front of a residential property without the need for planning permission